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Its mainly Czech-speaking inhabitants were called echové in modern Czech ei. In most Western European vernaculars and Latin as Bohemi, the word Bohemian" or a derivative was used. If the Czech ethnic origin was to be stressed, combinations such as Bohemian" of Bohemian language" ech eského jazyka, a" real Bohemian" pravý ech, etc.
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The term bohemianism and the description bohemian in this specific context may not be connected to the ethnic or geographic term Bohemian as it pertains to the historically indigenous people from the western part of the present day Czech Republic, although it may suggest something.
What is a Bohemian?
They are groups that have different priorities than the dominant cultures of their societies, groups that inspire both disdain and envy. By the mid-1800s, however, French authors such as George Sand and Honore de Balzac had already started to use the word bohemian in a very different sense.
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Bohemia can also refer to a wider area consisting of the historical Lands of the Bohemian Crown ruled by Bohemian kings, including Moravia and Czech Silesia, 3 in which case the region is referred to as Bohemia proper as a means of distinction.
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