PolicyLink Webinar: Equitable Strategies for Growing Urban Agriculture

Urban agriculture is one strategy for improving food security and creating economic opportunity in cities. PolicyLink is kicking off a series of webinars (To register, click here) that look at the various ways that urban agriculture is transforming low-income communities and communities of color. For more information about urban agriculture as a food access strategy, check out PolicyLink’s Urban Agriculture Tool (http://www.policylink.org/site/c.lkIXLbMNJrE/b.7634055/k.102B/Urban_Agriculture_and_Community_Gardens.htm?msource=urbagwebinar&tr=y&auid=10225984) and Public Health Law & Policy’s Seeding the City: Land Use Policies to Promote Urban Agriculture (http://www.phlpnet.org/childhood-obesity/products/urban-ag-toolkit).



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